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We are rental professionals ready to serve event rentals throughout the greater New Orleans area!

What makes Southern Hospitality Event Rentals different? The same thing that makes Louisiana different: LAGNIAPPE.

Southern Hospitality Event Rental is a leading event service company providing quality event rentals throughout the greater New Orleans area. Our extensive event rental inventory has provided SHER the opportunity to produce and customize hundreds of parties, weddings, corporate & non-profit events, and more.

We believe in extending our core values to each one of our clients ensuring their event is successful:

Southern Hospitality | Integrable, Core Value

We do the right thing, are respectful of one another and everyone we come in contact with.

Southern Hospitality | Accountable, Core Value

Our Southern Hospitality family hold high standards of accountability across the board to provide our customers with the very best.

Southern Hospitality | Strong Work Ethic, Core Value

We work “Above the Line”, facing challenges with optimism, work hard & efficient to get the job done, and get it done right.

Southern Hospitality | Communication, Core Value

Our team strives to communicate well, with a high level of respect to our customers, vendors, and all those within the community, knowing we represent Southern Hospitality everywhere we go.

Southern Hospitality | Excellence, Core Value

We deliver on our promises and attempt to exceed our expectations in all we do.

Southern Hospitality | Dedication, Core Value

We are dedicated to being committed to each task to help the overall purpose and vision of every customer's event.

Southern Hospitality | Professionalism, Core Value

At all times we maintain a high level of professionalism through our appearance, politeness, and keep calm even during tense situations.

Southern Hospitality | Efficiency, Core Value

We maximize our efficiency in all we do through to successfully do well in everything we do through structure, planning, training, systems and procedures and teamwork.

Southern Hospitality | Clean and Organized, Core Value

Southern Hospitality strives to deliver the cleanest, highest quality items in the industry. We are highly organized in everything we do.

Southern Hospitality | Timely Core Value

We strive to be timely in everything we do to provide our customers with the very best experience possible.


We apply these core values to every event. Thank you again for visiting the website, learning about us, and most importantly, we look forward to having the opportunity to bring your next event to life!

Check out the events we are ready and equipped to serve! 

– from the owner –

Rob Verdi | Southern Hospitality
I’d like to thank my family, friends, the vendors we work with, and all our customers for making Southern Hospitality Event Rentals possible! It all started a few years back with a lifelong dream of building a successful business from the ground up, and 100 Silver Beaded Chargers. I’m also grateful for 10 people who gave me their feedback as I was getting started and truly encouraged me to step out and fulfill this dream. I quickly found there was a need throughout the greater New Orleans area for not just another rental company, but a different one. One that would always go above and beyond for every single customer for every event, to treat others not just like another job but how they would want to be treated. It’s because of all of you Southern Hospitality Event Rentals has been made possible and continues to experience such tremendous growth and success!
— Rob Verdi, Owner
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– Our Team –

Southern Hospitality | Samuel Benson, Owner and General Manager

Samuel Benson

Southern Hospitality | Anthony Lagamba, Operations Manager

Anthony Lagamba
Operations Manager

Southern Hospitality | Warehouse Manager

Adam Seager
Warehouse Manager

Southern Hospitality | Madysen Feltes, Office Administrator

Madysen Feltes
Office Manager


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