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As you begin to plan your wedding day, you’ll soon realize that there are many elements of the planning stages that are out of your control. That’s why it’s so important to determine what you do have control over, and ensure those parts of the wedding planning stages run smoothly and without hiccups.

Often times, that begins with your tent rental. Before digging into the three most overlooked parts of planning your wedding, let’s take a look at the four things to remember when reserving your wedding tent.

1. The value of time

We’ve seen many couples not reserve their tent ahead of time. We all dream of having that perfect weather for our outdoor ceremony or reception, but the truth is that it’s always better to be prepared just in case. Waiting until a couple days prior to your wedding can often cause tremendous amounts of stress to locate and find available tents that can accommodate your needs.

Most tent rental companies will allow you to reserve the tent ahead of time and have cancellation policies in place for you to get most of your money back, which can truly give you peace of mind.

2. The importance of placement

We strongly advise that you meet your tent rental expert on site prior to renting the equipment so that you can measure out the area, check for low or uneven spots on the ground, look into any underground electrical or water lines, or even determine if there are any trees or any other structures that would be a potential hazard.

These are elements that are often overlooked but could cause some serious delay or changes if you wait until the day of delivery.

3. Be clear on tent sizing

Getting the correct tent sizing is crucial. Make sure your rental company expert has all the information of every single item that you plan to have within your tents, as well as the highest number of guests you’re anticipating.

When it comes to sizes of tents, every square foot counts. You want to make sure your guests are comfortable and there’s plenty of room for additional items such as dance floor, bar areas, food tables and much more.

4. Comfort is king

Lastly, make sure you have the proper heating and/or cooling throughout the tent. Determine if having any sidewalls is right for you. Flooring can also be considered, as often times many women are wearing heals ¬– having a strong, sturdy floor can make things much more comfortable for your guests.

Now, on to the three most overlooked parts of planning your wedding.

1. Ensuring a smooth delivery & pick up with your rental company and wedding vendors

There are many different moving parts all happening at once on your wedding day – time is of the essence!

We recommend making sure you first find out exactly what day and timeframe you’re able to have your vendors get in and out of the venue. Some venues are very particular about when a rental company can come to the premises.

Next, communicate that information with your vendors and make sure to double-check that the delivery and pick up days/times on your invoices are correct. This type of communication make sure the rental company has sufficient time to fully set up and that they arrive in a timely manner.

You may want to consider having different vendors come at different timeframes to ensure a faster, easier set up. For example, have the rental company come first to set up the tables, prior to the florist setting up the table centerpieces.

2. Don’t overlook the importance of review and confirm

Review and confirm. This seems simple, but it may be the most overlooked aspect of your entire wedding planning process.

More often than not, your rental items have been booked months in advance. Things are constantly changing. Numbers are going up and down, budgets are changing, weather forecast is different, and there’s many things that happen over the course of the months leading up to your special day.

We recommend that you, and your planner if you have one, regularly review your orders. Make sure your quantities are correct. Look at all the line items in detail and confirm there’s nothing missing.

Make sure your vendor has the correct physical location address listed on the invoice. Also, we recommend you provide the vendor with 2-3 contacts just in case of any problems. Provide the venue contact name and number, the planner contact name and number, and possibly even a close friend or family member.

3. When it comes to your wedding day – you can never be too safe

Your wedding day is likely going to be the largest party you throw in your lifetime. There are an incredible number of variables at play – from the food vendors to the venue, entertainment, decorations and more. With all of these moving parts, the only way to ensure things continue to run smoothly – and as expected – is to rent your tents and equipment as early as possible, ensure your vendors arrive to your wedding in an organized fashion, and always review and confirm.

Do this, and you can rest assured that your wedding day will be the success you deserve it to be.

Samuel Benson