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After you have planned the theme, chosen the venue and sent out your invites, what if you find out that the tables and chairs are not included in the rental fee? Or what if the venue has included tables and chairs but you need more? If we told you this happens all the time, would you be surprised?

At Southern Hospitality Event Rentals, we are here to solve any issues that may prevent you from having the best party ever. From intimate gatherings to conventions with hundreds of attendees, our specialty is providing you with the tools for a stress free event!

Here is the information we will need from you to ensure your table and chair delivery is seamless:

  1. Does your venue have any delivery or pick-up restrictions? Some places have storage space that will allow us to drop off tables and chairs the day before your event and pick-up them up the day after. If your venue has strict guidelines, this may cost you more money. For example, if you need to have all your rental items out of the facility by midnight, additional overtime pick-up charges may apply.

  2. Does your venue provide a crew to set-up and take-down the tables and chairs for you? If this service is not included, at Southern Hospitality Event Rentals we will be happy to help you with the set-up and take-down, just let us know so we can plan accordingly.

  3. What is the drop-off location like? Will we be delivering the tables and chairs to a loading dock where the facilities personnel will take it from there? It is important for us to know where the drop off is because there is a big difference between transporting the items 100 feet or unloading the items 5 feet from our trucks.

  4. Do you have a designated person (your event planner, caterer, friend, or co-worker) at the venue that can be responsible for your rentals? This person will count the number of items when they arrive and count again when they are picked up. Sometimes when a chair is moved to a different area during the event, it may be left behind. Having someone count will prevent you from incurring replacement fees.

  5. Once you know how many are coming, you can call and order the number of tables and chairs you need or come to our showroom to pick your rentals. At Southern Hospitality Event Rentals, we have a variety of tables and chairs to fit every need. Whether you want folding or non-folding, elegant or casual, you are welcome to try out our chairs before making a decision and view all of our table options (high top, round, lecture, banquet, square, serpentine banquet and even kiddie tables). We also have other items for party planning available, including table linens, serving platters, chafers or tureens, flatware and glassware.

Whether you are planning months in advance or you have an immediate situation, at Southern Hospitality Event Rentals, we are here to help. We know it is hard to think of everything when planning a party, so we sincerely hope these tips help you make your event a success. If you are ready now, we can take your order your on line, in person or telephone order. If you have any questions or comments, please call us. We would love to hear from you!

Samuel Benson